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System Support

Even the best systems go wrong from time to time. Here's a few things you can check yourself however, if it is not clear then a quick call or email to us will ensure you get a fast efficent repair or service done to get things running smoothly again.

For Support call: 08 6468 1131 or email; info@earthrise.com.au


REDUCED OUTPUT - If your system appears to not be producing as much energy as expected check the following: Shading of the array, remove tree foliage. Film of dirt or muck on the panels, clean it off. Check Panel cells for burning or physical damage. Check invertor/charger for physical or electrical damage.

HOW DO I CHECK THE "STATS" IN MY CHARGER - Depending on the regulator used in your system it may or may not be user programmable or able to be interrogated. Care should be taken especially if considering changing the charging shedule and thus possibly damaging batteries. If in doubt contact us so we can guide you in the steps to take. To access manuals for the main units we offer see below:

Read support manuals, links below:
Plasmatronics PL series regulators

Morningstar Tristar MPPT Series regulators



IT MAKES A CLUNKING SOUND: Conduct a visual check to see if blades are not damaged or mis-aligned. There could also be faulty bearings which need replacing. This is not a user serviceable item so just call us or email our support email address and we shall book in a service or repair session for your turbine.


AUTOMATION SYSTEM INFO: Currently we recommend contact to us directly for support of the automation systems. The systems we currently support are based on CBus, Mod-Bus and TCP/IP Connectivity. We use automation products to control and automate, Air-Conditioning, Heating and Lighting of your home and/or business.