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Solar Ventilation and Cooling Systems

Tin installation

SolarWhiz tin

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Tile installation

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  Why passive solar ventilation and climate control systems are a "cool" idea:

With households incurring ever increasing costs in their utility bills it's encouraging to find there is an alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems.

We offer three different approaches to this form of climate control.

  1. Passive cooling using the SolarWhiz:
  2. Passive heating using the Solar Air Module (SAM):
  3. Integration of SAM and SolarWhiz covering summer/winter and day/night conditions:


The SolarWhiz can cool and ventilate in two configurations, roof only or roof and room. It is manufactured in five models providing differnt capacities and with different options for installation and situation.

The SolarWhiz has the following features:

  • Made from corrosion resistant steel with double shielded ball bearings and a 4-wing polymeric reinforced fan blade.
  • The SolarWHiz has a high impact PV panel, adjustable from 0-90degrees angle.
  • It is a solar powered heat extraction fan, with optional thermostatic control set between 25/30degrees.
  • Internal roof void temperatures can get up to 60-70degrees in the summer months.
  • Can bring the roof space temperature down close to the outside temperature.
  • Reduces heat load on your ceiling and assists efficiency with your air conditioning unit.
  • Can also be hard wired to the mains grid power to enable night time operation.
  • Can be used on many different roof structures, both tin and tile, such as homes, schools, offices, factories and warehouses.
  • The PV panel can be adjusted to face north even if your roof faces south.
  • Can reduce moisture levels which help prevent mould and mildew.
  • 10 year warranty on PV panels and 2 year warranty on all other components.
  • Can save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  • Once fitted little or no further running cost.

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