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Sustainable Living - School Talks

Interactive Trailer


Enviro Talks

  Fun, educational learning experiences for children of all ages to learn about sustainable Living:

We use our “Interactive Trailer” which has a fully operational Solar Electric system on board. The unit operates totally from solar power. Contained within are several large LCD flat screen TV’s rigged up to show educational DVD’s, PowerPoint training slides and graphical presentation software showing consumption of typical household electrical devices and the generation of power from the solar panels in a live on-line manner.

The Topics we cover are:

  • What do my household lights and appliances typically use?
  • Ideas to reduce power consumption.
  • Enviro Building considerations
  • Generating power from the Sun and Wind.
  • Being Waterwise – Greywater recycle systems & smart irrigation
  • Heating and Cooling, water and space heating.


The talks are structured to suit class timetables but ideally are comprised of:

  • 10min Talk.
  • 15 min Interactive demonstration with the children’s involvement.
  • 5 min DVD presentation.
  • 5 min Windup talk to recap & test.
  • Total time approx: 35 mins

NB: Ideal class size should be no more than 15 at a time, for classes larger than this we split them into two groups, one doing DVD & talk while the other group is involved with the demonstration.

Background on our business:

We formed to assist the residential and commercial sectors on how they can “Do their bit” and “Save the Planet” through a consultative process using energy audit techniques. It became evident that using our equipment and knowledge we could offer an educational service to schools and community groups as well. If any of these groups wished to apply the techniques, particularly the generation and implementation of solar electricity, heating and grey-water recycling systems we can design and install for them as a follow-up to the talks. However, the talks are not used as a “sales pitch” but an educational awareness program.

What to do next?

Please contact us on the numbers below or via the "ON-Line Form" and we will discuss further the opportunity and schedule times that suit your needs. As we are a commercial business we shall request a modest charge for this service. The charge is scalable depending on the number of talks done and if they are concentrated into a day or two.

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