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Solar Ventilation, Heating and Cooling Systems

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  Why passive solar ventilation and climate control systems are a "cool" idea:

With households incurring ever increasing costs in their utility bills it's encouraging to find there is an alternative to traditional heating and cooling systems.

We offer three different approaches to this form of climate control.

  1. Passive cooling using the SolarWhiz:
  2. Passive heating using the Solar Air Module (SAM):
  3. Integration of SAM and SolarWhiz covering summer/winter and day/night conditions:


The SAM is a complete Solar Air Heating and Ventilation System, incorporating heat collector modules, PV panels, and fans and installed on a tilt-mounting frame. These systems require no external power supply if run passively and therefore operate without any ongoing costs. If desired – SAM may also be operated using a low voltage power supply controlled by a differential temperature thermostat.

SAM helps you effectively direct the suns heat into your home or commercial building whilst improving the indoor climate by ventilating the building with fresh preheated air. This also reduces condensation, mould, mildew, dampness and musty smells.

SAM collectors are designed to allow you to select the optimal number of Solar Air Modules for your home or commercial building. A SAM can be installed individually or in a bank with up to 5 collectors per fan. Multiple SAM collectors in a bank increase the temperature of the air supplied by the system into your home or commercial building and offer maximum flexibility in installation and location of the modules.

In a standard installation a PV panel powers a solar fan, mounted in a convenient and effective position for supplying warm dry air into the building. The fan will draw fresh air through a filter and into the collector, where the sun will heat the air before it is supplied into the building. The number of modules used will depend on the area to be ventilated and/or heated.


  • Provides free heat from the sun
  • Increases efficiency of existing heating systems
  • Ensures a healthy & comfortable environment
  • Keeps buildings fresh & dry
  • Eliminates mould & mildew
  • Improves air quality
  • Minimises condensation
  • Simple installation
  • Saves you money!

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