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Power Management System (PMS)

A Typical PMS Installation, cabinet colour can be chosen to suit décor; standard colour shown.

Solar Cooling Graph

  Benefits of a PMS over a traditional Grid Connect System:
  • A Power Management System (PMS) delivers considerable benefits over a traditional Grid Connect System because it maximizes the Renewable Power available.
  • During operation the PMS draws power from the Grid during the night at the cheap Off Peak Smartpower rate and is stored in high quality deep cycle batteries for use during the day. The PMS will feed the house from the batteries during the high cost Peak and Shoulder Rate times. During these times battery power is automatically supplemented from the Renewable Power sources e.g.: Solar/Wind; or if they are not available then from the Grid.
  • Yet another benefit to a PMS is; if there is any power failure on the Grid the PMS will continue to supply power to your home and the essential items such as fridge/lights/TV as normal from the batteries, within their limits.
  • A PMS system is best installed in a well ventilated and dry area. Eg shed or carport within 20m of the solar array. The batteries and associated components are typically all set up in a neat cupboard type arrangement and will need an area of approximately 1800x900x700.
  • The system automatically records your daily, weekly and monthly power consumption and production for detailed monitoring and analysis purposes at no extra cost.
  • We monitor the performance of a PMS closely during the initial stages of its life. During this time we carefully lead you through how to use the system to your best advantage in relation to your lifestyle and home’s power consumption needs.