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Introducing - New Technology; Micro Inverters

Enphase Micro Inverter

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Enphase Inverters

Micro Inverter M215 M250


  With each panel's output individually managed by an inverter the production and flexibility of a solar power system is greatly enhanced.

What is the fundamental difference between a Micro Inverter based solar power system when compared to a traditional "string" based inverter system?

  • A traditional string inverter system uses one inverter connected to a number of panels.
  • A micro inverter system uses multiple small inverters distributed over the array of panels typically one inverter connected per panels.

Micro Inverters significantly improve the output and performance of a solar power system when compared to a traditional "string" inverter based system, why?

String Inverter System
Micro Inverter System Advantages:
  • Lower startup cost
  • Logging and monitoring performed by inverter. No internet required.
  • Robust, tried and tested.
  • Well supported (if buying trusted brands)
  • Repair and maintenance support widely available.
  • Maximised Energy Production
  • Allows for design flexibility, panels can be orientated different to each other including brand and wattage. Future proof.
  • Longer daytime production possible using multiple roof faces.
  • Inherently safer. Only low-voltage DC and standard AC 240V
  • No single point of system failure
  • Panel level monitoring, fast detection of poor performing panels.
Disadvantages: Disadvantages:
  • Shade issues can affect entire array
  • High DC voltages increasing fire risk.
  • Limited system design. Panels must be orientated the same in each string.
  • Panel mismatch affects entire productivity.
  • Difficult to expand system as panel technology changes.
  • Higher startup costs
  • Requires an internet connection (for full monitoring benefits)

Our preferred Micro Inverter of choice is the Enphase System due to the impressive reliability performance they have been able to demonstrate.

Other Micro Inverter solutions we use is the Power-One Aurora 300W Micro system and a related product called the Solar Edge power optimser.

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