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Energy Saving Solution Visits (ESS)

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  We take out the hard work associated with finding out the options on how to reduce your energy usage and footprint on the planet.

ESS Visits are conducted in the following areas:

Residential – To improve the systems in an existing individual home to either reduce or offset consumption
Architectural -
To review a planned housing development either with a developer or an individual's new house before it's constructed to identify energy saving opportunities.
– Advising business owners how to reduce their carbon "footprint" and how to promote the "green aware" business.

What are they? Consider a financial budget; energy management is similar. It involves analysis of consumption vs reduction vs production. We assist in drawing up a tailored energy management program suiting your specific needs.
The Process: The 1st visit is to collect consumption, lifestyle and/or plan information. This data is fed into our computers and a report is generated. A 2nd visit is scheduled at your convenience to discuss and explain the options outlined in the report, no obligations. The ESS report will give a mixture of short and longer term options tailored to your situation.
The Cost: The cost for this service is $250, residential single house, 1/2 of this cost is deducted from any system we install for you as a result. Many renewable energy systems are relatively expensive, use the report to double-check you’re on the best path before outlaying large sums of money.

What to do next?

Please contact us on the numbers below or via this "ON-Line Form" and we can make an appointment with you for our first visit.

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