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Grid-Connect Systems
Using traditional String Inverter technology
for budget system

  New Technology Micro Inverters!
Using Enphase Inverters to overcome
shortfalls of traditional grid connect systems
  Power Manamgent System
Your "House is your Castle"
PMS with Battery Storage
Making good use of the power produced
and help those situations when the power is down

Solar panel cleaning
Keep your panels looking and performing
at their best. Call us for a quote.

Solar Heating using a SAM
Solar Air Module to warm
your home at no cost!
  Solar Cooling using a SolarWhiz
Cool your home office or shed
free from the sun
  Solar Skylighting
gives you light
where the sun doesnt shine!
  Energy Saving Solution Visits
Gives you a plan
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Solar Water Pumping
To pump water where there's
no mains power!!

  SolarTherm swimming pool heating
No more matting and uses less roof space.
  ELC Eco Logic Controller
swimming pool pump economiser
reduce your pool running costs by 50%

School Talks

Community Talks