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There are news-worthy items of interest happening all over the world related to the renewable energy field. There is a wave of activity building day on day, week on week as more people become concerned about the fragility of the planet. Most, feel somewhat powerless about how to curb the tide of global warming etc. Take heart, there are more people daily becoming involved and you can too. Read below and, become encouraged, together, we can make a difference. Your bit counts!!




How the RET review could affect Australians:
Leading experts on the renewable industry and governemnt policy have questioned the process of the RET review and have called for a public enquiry. For more details "Click Here!"

Federal Government RET Review published:
The RET Review, what is the RET anyway? The RET is the Renewable Energy Target which was a unilateral policy decision which was legislated in the Federal Parliament in the Howard era to encourage growth of the use of renewable power and resources to a target of 20% by 2020. This has helped many Australians get involved in using solar and other renewable energy resources to reduce the effects of global climate change and to reduce their dependance and costs from using the traditional forms of power. The Abbot government comissioned a review to determine the effectivness of this policy. The outcome of the review has recommended to either cut off the RET or reduce it significantly and cut it off early. This will have a major effect on the cost of systems for new entrants or for those wishing to expand as well as the viability of many solar businesses.

Four Corners documentary:
The ABC program, Four Corners, recently broadcast a documentary on the progress of renewable energy in Australia compared to other countries in the world. This documentary drew conclusions which indicate that Australia may fall gravely behind other more progressive countries when it could easily be a leader due to the abundance of renewable resources and knowledge in this fine country of ours. To read more and to view the documentary here's the link ->> http://www.abc.net.au/4corners/stories/2014/07/07/4038488.htm

Desert Knowledge:
A fantastic example of installation of differant types and methods of producing Solar Power. Located near Alice Springs this set of installations are done in such a way as to directly compare differnt technologys and brands. See Desert Knowledge's website for more info.