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Using Renewable Technology to Sustain our Fragile Planet


Welcome to EarthRise.

We feel our mission is to use the wealth of technology that the world has at it's fingertips wisely to sustain our precious planet. There are literally hundreds of different ways we can all get involved in basic recycling through to high tech solutions including solar electric panels or PV's (Photo Voltaic's). We keep abreast of the technologies and draw on them as required to help both business and residences understand how to "do their bit" to help the world.

EarthRise Renewables is a client focused leader in integration of different technologies to balance the production vs consumption energy equation. We formed with the primary concern being for the environment and how society can best use the resources of the Earth in a sustainable way. Each of our creative designs contains ingenious value for money solutions designed to last the years. Our experience covers a broad area including Solar & Wind energy, RF communications, Computer Networking and Electronic Design of customised solutions. So if you have a situation which requires something a little “out of the box” we recommend you give us a call to discuss the opportunity.


Introducing - New Technology Micro Inverter Grid Connect Solar Power
On certain installations we recommend the use of Micro Inverters instead of the traditional string inverter for grid connect solar power. The key benefits of this approach are:

  • Maximised Energy Production
  • Allows for design flexibility, panels can be orientated different to each other including brand and wattage. Future proof.
  • Longer daytime production possible using multiple roof faces.
  • Inherently safer. Only low-voltage DC and standard AC 240V Costs less per watt so is more affordable